I trained as a ceramicist in Thomastown, Ireland. I mainly use porcelain and make hand thrown useable ceramic tableware. I decorate my pots with my own watercolours, using decal techniques, as well as creating unique paintings directly onto my pots using iron and cobalt oxide as my media. I am interested in form and how a painting can interact with a useable ceramic object.


I am interested in creating Landscapes on my pots, both urban and rural. The panorama that this produces equates to the world as I see it, and allows a sense of autobiography and possession of that landscape. I love architecture and like the neat rows of village houses and the sky reaching line of cities with the contrast of buildings. The built environment inspires me, with its jagged edges and its unexpected beauty, as much as the lines of hills and hedgerows. They are strangely similar and yet so different. I also love the beauty of wild flowers and how my paintings can look like pressed flowers onto the porcelain.


I like to paint the place I am working and living in, and apply it to my pots. I feel a close emotional connection to these places. I started my ceramic journey at The Leach Pottery doing a three month internship and living there has inspired my Drawings and Ceramics.

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