I began making ceramics nine years ago in my hometown Uley in the Cotswolds, inspired by a trip to Japan and the art I had grown up amongst I decided to take up evening classes. I wanted to explore how I could combine my love of painting and pottery.


My ceramic career took me to St Ives to work at the Leach Pottery, followed by a two year intensive training course in rural Ireland. Since then I have been working and teaching at several open access studios around the country and in 2019 was the young artist in residence at Guldagergaardin Denmark. I like to paint the landscape around me onto my ceramics, each pot telling a story.


My work is thrown on the wheel in porcelain clay. Most pots are fired three times with my watercolour paintings used as a decal on the third firing. The interior glaze reflecting colours used in the painting.I have recently been inspired and am exploring the unpredictability of wood firing

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